Slightly Strange Things I Do

Some things on this list may be stranger than others. Or you might think none of it's strange.
  1. Carry a lighter at all times even though I don't smoke
    I like being the hero at the party who has a working lighter that hasn't been lost
  2. Bring at least two books and my kindle to every party I attend
    I get bored really easily since I don't drink and you never know what book you'll be in the mood to read.
  3. Listen to horror podcasts to fall asleep
    They help give me something interesting to focus on so I'm not going over regrets I've made in the past
  4. Keep a giant Santa in my room all year round
    No reason I just really like the old guy
  5. Watch documentaries four or five times
    Not all of them but some are so good I have to watch them again and again!
  6. Take medication to help me sleep then fight it so I can stay up
    Reading, watching tv, watching movies, messing around on my phone, playing video games…