Life's too short and who really cares?
  1. I love One Direction
    Yeah I'm 26 and yes they're a boy band but that doesn't mean they don't have talent. Especially their later albums.
  2. I don't like The Beatles
    I only like one of their records but honestly I don't see what the big fuss is about.
  3. I watch Disney JR.
    Like I keep it on all the time and I've seen every episode of every show they have.
  4. I've never seen the movie Aliens
    I probably will at some point but it's not high on my list
  5. I've never read anything by JRR Tolkien all the way through
    Started a few though
  6. I hate the Fight Club film
    Why did they have to ruin such a perfect book?
  7. I still sleep with a stuffed animal and a blankie
    Still 26. Both are Winnie the Pooh
  8. Testing my blood sugar in public/at restaurants
    You might not like needles or blood but I do this to survive so just look away.
  9. Telling the movie staff when someone won't shut up
    I'll ask them to kindly keep it down but if they don't I get someone. I paid to see a movie not listen to those assholes.
  10. Having an eating disorder
    I never picked this. It's a goddamn monster and I'm fighting every day.
  11. Wearing a hijab
    It's not required by my religion, culture, or law where I live it just makes me feel good about myself.
  12. Buying a iPad mini just so I could colour on it
    I've coloured using it for countless hours now so I say it's worth it.
  13. Telling people I met my amazing girlfriend on Tinder
    There's nothing wrong with meeting someone online. Times they are a'changin'
  14. Google stalking someone online before going on a date with them
    Once I met a guy at the mall, we clicked, arranged a date and when I googled him I found out he'd been in jail for rape. Nothing wrong with covering your ass.
  15. Missing dating shows like Rock of Love and Flava of Love
    The drama on those shows were unreal and are like time capsules for the early/mid-2000s
  16. Being up to date on celebrity gossip
    After all one could be our president someday.
  17. Not knowing how to cook anything that requires more than a toaster or microwave
    I really want to learn but I have a phobia of both heat and fire
  18. Loving the show Glee
    Yeah I know but the first season was great
  19. Seeing Glee Live… twice
    See above. Also they sound great live.
  20. Burning bridges with toxic people
    I don't have time for that and even if they change I'm not taking any chances.
  21. Admitting I hated my grandma (fathers mother)
    She hated me because I'm adopted. Feelings mutual you old hag.
  22. That I've cried during every single Marvel film I've ever seen
    Yes. Even the bad ones from before Iron Man.
  23. I hate avocados
    It's the mushy weird texture. I don't even mind the taste really. That and I'm so sick of hearing about them.
  24. Loving my trifecta of problematic films
    It includes Shallow Hal, The Hot Chick, and White Chicks. I know they're offensive. No I don't care.
  25. I don't shave my pubic hair
    I hate doing it, I have extremely sensitive skin leaving the area red and irritated (yes even if I wax), I don't see the point, my body so who cares