I'm making this list so I can come back and look at it when I'm upset. Maybe try a few things on it.
  1. Coffee ☕️
    Specifically a grande soy white mocha w/ 6 pumps toffee nut syrup no whip from Starbucks
  2. Nicknames
    My favourites are bunny 🐰, honeybee 🐝, and noodle 🍜
  3. Taking care of my small collection of plants
  4. Marathoning Netflix shows
  5. British comedies
  6. Antique stores
    Or junk stores I'm not that picky
  7. Records
    I adore my record players
  8. Boomboxes and cassettes 🎧
    Cassettes might be my favourite media for music
  9. Fall weather 🍁
    I love only having to wear a light jacket and my allergies aren't insane like they are in spring
  10. Funko Pops
    They might just be colourful hunks of plastic but they're CUTE colourful hunks of plastic
  11. Books 📚
    Old and new and across all genres
  12. Marvel
    Comics, tv shows, and the movies. It's my favourite universe
  13. Harry Potter
    More so the books than the movies
  14. My best friend of forever
  15. My amazingly wonderful girlfriend
  16. My beautiful one-eyed English bulldog
  17. Old black and white photos of people I don't know
    I collect them from antique stores so they aren't forgotten
  18. Stereoscopes
    Look them up. They're super neat and I finally got one a few years ago.
  19. Colouring
    On an app or in a real colouring book it doesn't matter
  20. Taking photos and videos of my friends
  21. Polaroids
    May they never die out
  22. Cosplay
    Who doesn't like being someone else for a little while?
  23. Role-playing online
    I'm usually a Marvel character
  24. New lipstick 💄
  25. Hats 🎩
    Even though I wear a hijab you can still wear a hat with them. I usually don't though but I love having them.
  26. Keychains
    Since my ignition is by my cup holders and not by my steering wheel I can have a LOT of them
  27. Jackets and hoodies
    I have so many I haven't even worn them all. But I still love them.
  28. Scary movies 🎥
    Good, bad, or cheesy it doesn't matter to me
  29. Puns
    I think they're hilarious
  30. Piercings
    Not just on me but on other people too! I always stare a bit to long at strangers appreciating their piercings
  31. Tattoos
    See above description. Replace piercings with tattoos 😊
  32. Elder Scrolls Online
    It's so fun and immersive and there's SO much content you don't feel ripped off by the price
  33. My Neighbor Totoro
    I grew up on that movie and it makes me feel warm and safe
  34. New medical supplies
    I don't work in the field I'm just often very sick 😷
  35. Having my nails painted 💅🏻
    I don't feel put together unless they're done
  36. Snowglobes
    They don't have to be from anyplace special I just think the snow falling is pretty
  37. Preserved animals in jars
    I'm a vegetarian but several shops sell preserved fetal animals in jars that they find already dead
  38. Terrible books
    It's a tradition now that on each major holiday my best friend gets me a terrible book. Examples: Diseases Caused By Masturbation and Nobody Wants A Nuclear War
  39. Pins and patches
    I like 90s themed pins and patches for my bags and jackets
  40. Seeing my best friends snaps on Snapchat
    There's only a handful that I get excited to see but I get REALLY excited when I do
  41. NoSleep Podcast
    I always look forward to it and usually use it to drift off to sleep at night