I really need to go through my cabinet for this...
  1. Woodford Reserve
    Staple. Good balance. Upgrade to WR Double Oakes if you want a little sweater and smoother.
  2. Rittenhouse Rye
    There's a trick to this one. They switched sources and I prefer the older one.
  3. Bowman Brothers
    Gasp, it's not from Kentucky! A lot like WR but even less tannin.
  4. Bulleit Rye
    This is a sourced product (they don't have their own distillery) but I still like the Rye.
  5. Old Forrester
    Their base product is good. But if you can get the Old Forrester b-day bourbon (2013 in particular) ummmm yum
  6. I need to go through the cabinet some more...