Bad pizza is just as delicious as the gourmet stuff.
  1. Chuck E. Cheese
    Maybe it's that I'm ravenous after chasing a toddler around this crib of insanity but I could throw down a large sausage here with no help.
  2. Newk's
    Bring me the Margherita! (Ohandasliceofthatitaliancreamcaketoo.kthanks.)
  3. Papa Murphy's
    I don't have enough energy to cook or enough energy to bitch about how much I hate Papa John's. "Hey, can you turn on the oven? 425. 😀😀🍕🍕"
  4. Pizza Hut at Target
    Don't make me go to the real Pizza Hut. This stuff is good enough without surly wait staff, and I can buy decent beer in the fridge section too.
  5. Little Caesars
    I'll just phone this one in. For $5.