I wish I had pics to go with all of them!
  1. She-Ra, Princess of Power
    Probably my first store-bought costume. I wore the crown and arm cuffs to Christmas dinner, I loved them so much.
  2. Clown
    Mainly because I actually have the photo. And it's pretty funny.
  3. Rainbow Bright
    Barbara made me a killer costume using a puffy wall decoration of a rainbow and striped leggings. I was 5.
  4. The Tooth Fairy
    Take a flower girl dress from a wedding earlier that year, add a necklace with a cardboard tooth covered in tin foil and angel wings. Pouf! (No one gave me any dollar bills in my bucket, though.) this was the dress at least.
  5. Judith Miller
    Nerd alert! NYT press pass, shredded note pad, and a husband who went as Scooter Libby on crutches. I loved all of our friends for "getting" it.
  6. Bane Capital and Solyndra Kyle
    We are not the kind of people who turn down an opportunity for a politics-pop culture crossover costume. It was awesome. No one could figure it out, though. Someone thought Andrew was a rich Hannibal Lecter. Whatevs. We loved it!