Thank you for this request @MirandaBerman. I didn't think this would be the one that would make me cry.
  1. Kashi
    Golden retriever. 1999 - 2002. Named by me after the cereal. Got her without proper consideration or planning from a friend's family who decided to breed dogs. Impossible to train, and kind of a disaster in a Manhattan apartment. Even the dog trainer gave up. My brother fought giving her away until she literally dragged him across Park Avenue. Our building superintendent who had a big yard outside the city eventually adopted her.
  2. Bailey
    Black and white cocker spaniel. 2002 - 2009. Rescue dog who I think was in a puppy mill, so he was very scared of people touching him. He ran into the street on the last day of the summer and was hit by a car. He died in the driveway in my brother's arms. The woman driving the car owned a store that my mom liked and we haven't been in since. It was hard for most people to connect with him, but he was a sweet dog with a good heart.
  3. Diego
    A peagle! Half beagle half Pekingese. 2009 - present. Family got him and half sister Frida at a pet store in Long Island impulsively in the midst of grief over Bailey's passing. He is spunky and crazy. He once ripped @MirandaBerman's dress which I feel bad about. A year ago he jumped off a couch and slipped a disk which made him lose use of his back legs. It's hard, but he has a cool wheelchair cart and he runs around really fast.
  4. Frida
    Contemporary of Diego. They are half siblings. My mom always wanted dogs named after a famous artist couple. She's the silent type and can sit alone and stare at you for an hour straight, but also loves to sit in a lap. Sometimes she eats her poop but it's OK.