Not NYC's BEST bars, but rather sort of weird places I find entertaining.
  1. Sake Bar Decibel
    An underground sake bar in the East Village. It's been around since 1993. It's like a cave and the walls are covered in graffiti.
  2. Tropical 128
    It's rainforest-themed and you can get scorpion bowls of Long Island Iced Tea. It turns into a shitshow on Saturday nights but is still excellent earlier or on a weekday.
  3. 169 Bar
    There's a leopard-covered pool table and you can text your drink order and they'll bring it to your table.
  4. Winnie's
    The best karaoke bar ever. The songs are on laser discs. Used to be a Chinatown gangster hangout. I just found out it's closing soon and I'm very sad.
  5. The Wooly
    It's in the ground floor of an office building all the way down in the Financial District but is decorated like a bordello slash a grandma's house. Usually you need to call to set up a party rather than just roll in but once you do it's 💯 - they always play disco music and it turns into a dance party.