1. Kiss: under a table at Gaby Sloss' bat mitzvah at Tribeca Rooftop
    The guy recently got married to a girl we also went to middle school with.
  2. Time being published: high school newspaper, 9th grade. An opinion piece about how our school's desks sucked for lefties.
    My cousin's friend was the editor and made the headline LEFTIES, YOUR LEADER HAS ARRIVED. Was simultaneously so embarrassed and so proud/excited.
  3. Time getting drunk: in @MirandaBerman's living room which was painted dark red. We put a towel on the floor and passed around a Snapple bottle full of vodka that our friend Matt stole from his parents.
    9th grade
  4. College party: someone opened a fire extinguisher, met a boyfriend, told new friends that people in high school used to call me "Larry" and I didn't like it.
    Naturally Larry stuck throughout college. (Oh no now ListApp knows this name.)
  5. Time going to a "club": Stereo on 27th St, during summer internship. It was so loud. Felt so cool. (Until...)
  6. Time really fucking something up at work: day after going to Stereo, I got asked to transcribe two completely indistinguishable British women having a conversation. Couldn't hear, was hungover, did a horrible job. Editor in Chief's assistant yelled at me.