And related drama
  1. Man who yelled at me when I politely took a new bagel after he took mine out of the toaster and put his hands all over it. People starting shit at the airport Au Bon Pain, why? Btw he put the touched bagel back in the basket and I feel bad that I left it there.
  2. Woman who was super curious about the ABP debacle and told me she was on my side.
  3. Girl wearing Adidas shower sandals (the massaging dots variety) with one neon yellow sock and one neon blue sock.
  4. Man wearing a huge watch attempting to type furiously on his iPad
  5. Very serious-looking businesswoman reading Us Weekly
  6. NOT a certain crewmember. This person is missing and we have to wait for him or her to board the plane.
  7. Me 🙋