1. Mission Chinese
    It just reopened in a new space in the way Lower East Side. It's really spicy Chinese food and they also have great pizza (?!). The waits are crazy but you can watch your line progress in an app from a bar nearby. Super fun, come with a crew so you can order a bunch of things.
  2. Upland
    Great big room that you'll just want to hang out in forever. And the food is classic and great.
  3. Tuome
    Funky new little Chinese fusion place in the East Village.
  4. Cosme
    Modern Mexican from a famous Mexico City chef that people are hyped about.
  5. Gato
    Bobby Flay's tapas place in Noho is actually lovely and so good!
  6. Okonomi
    It's a tiny beautiful Japanese place in Williamsburg. At lunch they have a set menu that is ~$12 and you get soup and fish and all these little sides. At dinner it's seafood based ramen. I love this place so much.
  7. Emily
    The best new pizza place, and also an amazing burger, in Clinton Hill.
  8. Dimes
    This is where all the cool girls hang out now.