Micro-anxieties on the weekend
  1. Getting a haircut and having nowhere to go
    Worrying you'll have no plans after a complimentary blowout and fresh look
  2. Uber X surge
    Always jacks up to 2.0 when you're running late
  3. Looking too preppy
    My style is somewhere between J Crew and goth and I feel anxious when it veers too far in the uptown direction. Tonight I went to a place where everyone was in motorcycle jackets and I regretted having worn this silk shirt from Vince.
  4. Drunk strangers trying to dance with me
  5. Not knowing who to say bye to
    Should you double kiss the French girl you just met tonight or just leave quietly?
  6. Making too much noise when I get home
    My downstairs neighbor wrote me a note that our wood floors carry a lot of noise and she doesn't appreciate when my heels make noise late at night. It was written on a piece of stationery that had an Eiffel Tower decal which just made me feel worse