For the past few weeks I've recorded some overheard quotes. NYC in the summer is like nothing else.
  1. "This summer I'm interning at Vineyard Vines"
    In line for the ferry to Governors Ball, the Coachella of NYC.
  2. "I wonder if Mugatu is coming out of jail or something!!"
    At the Abercrombie store in the South Street Seaport.
  3. "He's working for one of his professors, researching the Magna Carta."
    I wrote this one down while I was drunk and I now regrettably don't remember the context.
  4. "He was blacklisted from every fraternity!"
    11pm Saturday night, St Marks and 2nd
  5. "I forgive, but I will NOT forget. I mean, how can you forget??"
    Woman talking about a break up on the patio of a really bad restaurant.
  6. "She's an awesome girl. But I'd rather chase after blonde girls tonight."
    At Ruschmeyers in Montauk, a hotel/bar that is set up like a small summer camp.
  7. "I wish cabs had pizza."
    In the cab home from Ruschmeyers.
  8. "Just order 12 kamikaze shots."
    At a usually great bar/restaurant taken over in part by an open bar 21st birthday party.
  9. "Does your boyfriend let you wear crop tops when you're with him?"
    East Village teens outside my office.