1. Painting my nails
    Hate the tedium of sitting at a nail place. Enjoy feeling like I'm painting. Get Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish. The brush is wide and the consistency of the polish makes it way easier. Don't DIY with OPI or Essie - it's too hard!
  2. Maps and directions
    I am good at directions because I love staring at maps and memorizing where things are. I probably spend a half hour a day or more looking at Google Maps.
  3. Having a meal alone
    I love having dinner with PEOPLE but I'm also cool with eating alone. Just sometimes if I have a weird day, I prefer it to ordering in. This has come in handy since my job now involves writing about restaurants. Favorite is to sit at a sushi bar because it is fast and you can watch the chefs working.
  4. Grammar
    My high school had this amazing teacher named Ms. Woods who wore pink Converse every day who thought that grammar textbooks in general sucked so she wrote her own! It was really great and funny and frequently involved passages about Hillary Clinton.
  5. Curling my hair
    See: tedium of nails but wanting to look 💯. You need the kind of curler that is tapered like a cone and WITHOUT a clip