When you finish Netflixing a series, here is how to move forward.
  1. Watch the stars' late night talk show appearances on YouTube
    I never watch Kimmel regularly but he's good here.
  2. Read the Vanity Fair/New York Times Styles section profile of the main star or show runner. She is "having a moment!"
    Usually unsatisfying and/or vaguely offensive.
  3. Read the Wikipedia pages for the show and all the stars and creator/director/show runner.
    OHH, they're a Scientologist?
  4. Get lost in the show's wiki wikia.whatever thing.
    These are SO terribly written, but now I understand that plot point.
  5. Listen to a podcast featuring someone from the show.
    Lovely if it's Pete Holmes or Nerdist but more obscure ones will do.
  6. Stop. The next step is fanfic, which means it is time to move on.
    Or watch it over from the beginning.