1. Hiked Runyon Canyon while listening to a podcast
  2. Eavesdropped on two guys doing a "billion dollar deal" at Sushi Park
  3. Got a free sample of juice in Silver Lake
  4. Talked about how long it took to get from Santa Monica to a party in Hollywood
  5. Saw Jenji Kohan walking her dog in Griffith Park
  6. Wrote a ListApp list in an Uber to LAX
  7. Saw a movie at the Arclight
  8. Talked about how the drive from Santa Monica to Silver Lake wasn't bad at all
  9. Went Downtown twice in one day
  10. Carpooled
  11. Walked two miles to get to the movie at the Arclight
  12. Ate dinner at 9:30 pm twice
    Suggested by @MirandaBerman