Jumping on this new ListApp meme
  1. 10am: Made coffee and a little bit of oatmeal while watching Orphan Black. I had some matcha powder which I added to the oatmeal because matcha powder is hip? It was OK.
  2. 12:30pm: Shared kale salad and avocado toast with smoked salmon and poached egg at Iris Cafe in Brooklyn Heights with my friend Carolyna.
    I was v hungry because I CitiBiked over the Brooklyn Bridge to get there which was hard. Everything was really good but the espresso was really bad.
  3. 3pm: Sliced mango with hot sauce from the Brooklyn Bridge mango lady on my walk back over the bridge. Not ripe! Threw it away.
  4. 3:30pm: Green tea at Takahachi Bakery. Very green tea day. 🍵
  5. 7:30pm: Dinner at Santina by the Highline. We had squash carpaccio, crab spaghetti, and arugula salad.
    A lot of times when I go out I'm planning to write about it but not in this case so we ordered light. It was pretty good and also weird how Meatpacking is kind of low key on a Sunday night.
  6. 10:30pm: Blueberries
    I am not great about stocking fruit at home but I'm staying at my parents' house uptown because my dad is out of town and my mom wanted company but mostly because I have an early dentist appointment and it's right by here.