1. Dim Sum Go Go
    I like it because they have a dim sum sampler where you can get one of each little steamed dumpling! 10 in total, no decisions required. You might have to share a table with others but just go with it and eavesdrop on their conversations.
  2. Nom Wah Tea Parlor
    Classic dim sum place, but calm, not with carts and screaming.
  3. Sheng Wang
    Underground place that's always empty with the best noodles. Get the "peel noodles" - they're hand cut and really chewy.
  4. Golden Steamer
    Pumpkin bun. It's like a roast pork bun but filled with pumpkin instead. Costs, I think, 80 cents.
  5. Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
    Fun flavors like sesame and taro.
  6. 69 Bayard
    This is where you come to get lo mein at 3 am. Not really the best but open late and the walls are covered in dollar bills.
  7. Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles
    The place to go for noodle soup
  8. Aji Ichiban
    It's a pick and mix candy store that has dried squid and many rare dried fruits, some of them even spicy! Normal gummies too including a top notch sour belt selection.
  9. New York Mart
    Big market with an amazing seafood area where there are live frogs and eels for sale! A great spot for people like me who find peace in places of hectic sensory overload.
  10. Tasty Dumpling
    Best of the dumpling hole in the wall places in large part because it has seats.
  11. Joes Shanghai
    Suggested by   @Lilysaltz
  12. Joes Ginger
    Dumplings part 2 @aubreysaget
    Suggested by   @Lilysaltz
  13. Shanghai Cafe - http://bit.ly/1BmWL4v
    Super tasty soup dumplings, and the pickled cabbage is spicy and delicious!
    Suggested by   @tiffany_na
  14. New Malaysia - http://bit.ly/1FmOfIP
    So good. It's in a tunnel, so it's kind of hard to find, but worth the look and taste. The roti is 2-die-for!
    Suggested by   @tiffany_na