2016: a photo for each month

Inspired by @Boogie @bredee @rellimt
  1. January
    20 minutes into 2016. Yeah...we probably had a bit too much to drink 🎉 Just a small at home party. It was a great start!
  2. February
    Took my kids to visit Hunstville, TX where I went to college! This is a big ass statue of Sam Houston. He's pretty important here!
  3. March
    Easter Sunday! We never, ever take good family photos. It's just not something we do
  4. April
    Weekend trip to our State Capital, Austin!
  5. May
    Lots of cookouts, friends over and playing outside in May
  6. June
    We did two camping trips in June. Dylan's favorite part was washing his hands over and over and over again.
  7. July
    My baby turned 3! And yes I did make that leaning cake! It tasted good, OK.
  8. August
    Took a trip with my 2 best friends and our families to the beach.
  9. September
    I cut like 5 inches off my hair and it felt amazing!
  10. October
    We really like Halloween at our house! We carved a whole bunch of pumpkins!
  11. November
    I voted for Hillary Clinton who is the first woman to win the popular vote for president of the United States.
  12. December
    (No caption needed)