Inspired by @shanaz and @theshome I'll be 38 next week. 37 was rough. Maybe a list will help make 38 better.
  1. Read books everyday
    I used to be a voracious reader but something happened this last year and I've only finished a handful of books.
  2. Plant a vegetable garden
  3. Stay involved in local politics
  4. Train for a marathon
  5. Be more affectionate with my husband
    I'm the worst at this. I'm just not a touch kind of person but he is. I need to do better at meeting him halfway.
  6. Be nicer to and spend more time with my mom
  7. Be more mindful with my kids
  8. Drink less alcohol
    Fully admit to using wine as a coping mechanism these last couple months...time to cut back a bit.
  9. At least begin to figure out what I want to do with my life.
    I love staying home with my kids but I'd like to do something more in the next couple of years when Dylan starts school. I just don't know what.
  10. Write everyday
    Not just lists either, though I plan to continue those too. There was a time I considered myself a writer. Time to find that part of me again.
  11. Read physical newspapers and magazines. Cut way back on reading it online
  12. Cut way back on the time I spend online and on social media
  13. Create a budget. Stick to it.
  14. Buy a new car
  15. Add weights to my workout schedule
  16. Restart a bullet journal
  17. See many good movies that are not escapist action/super hero movies or kid movies
  18. Buy records and cds from independent stores
    Stop relying so much on Spotify
  19. Get the physical I've put off since summer
  20. Find things I love to decorate my house with.
    Stop being afraid of messing up
  21. Buy more physical books
  22. Find a psychologist and psychiatrist
  23. See at least one live show
  24. Clean out cluttered closets
  25. Pay down credit cards
  26. Shop less online
  27. Find at least 10 completely new healthy recipes to throw into rotation
  28. Finally watch The Wire
  29. Go camping at least 4 times
  30. Run a 9 minute mile
  31. Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes
  32. Be better at self care
  33. Have more family game nights
  34. Be better about spending time with friends
  35. Make my bed most mornings
  36. Take my kids to see snow
  37. Take my kids to see live music
  38. Help to ensure that Donnie doesn't destroy the world
  39. Make it to 39