Since we can't save drafts anymore and I ran out of time, here's 7 reasons instead of ten. 🙃
  1. I've relearned that the best way for me to work through problems and feelings is to write about them!
  2. Hamilton 🙌
    Hey, I'm a stay at home mom in suburbia Texas, I wasn't really paying attention to Broadway. Thank goodness that's changed!
  3. I've learned that I can still make new friends based on a real connection and not just because we have kids who are friends or we go to the same church, etc.
  4. I've learned that there is an endless number of kind, interesting, complicated, broken people and they are worth knowing. I'm not so quick to write people off in my real life anymore. I see people better now. They aren't just extras in my life. I'm more willing to engage with people now.
    That sounds a little terrible. But it's just that I'm such an introvert who also has social anxiety so it takes a lot of energy and courage for me to engage with people I don't know well. I've learned that it's worth putting myself out there. That people are worth the discomfort.
  5. On the flip side, I've learned that online communities, no matter how great they are, will still have bullying, meanness, pettiness and ugliness.
  6. I've learned to be much less self conscious about who I am.
    You guys have all been so kind to me, accepting of who I am. Never have I put so much of my real self out to the world, and I got mostly kindness and love in return.
  7. I've learned a lot about millennials! You millennials are awesome and I think you will lead us down a much better path then the one we seem to be on now. We'll be 👌🏻