These are a few reasons why.
  1. Not Sleeping
    Sleep? Who can sleep when there are so many things to worry about! AND lack of sleep amplifies anxiety. So yay! It's a super fun cycle! (Not even a little fun, actually)
  2. Always assuming the worst has happened
    Call from my son's school? He must be dead. Unexplained physical symptoms? Cancer. My husband hasn't responded to a text in 10 minutes? Dead. Unknown number calling my phone? Someone I love is dead. See the pattern? 😕
  3. Blood pressure readings at the dr.
    I always have to explain: "No, it's not usually this high. I just have anxiety about going to the dr. Yes, I check it regularly at home" 😟
  4. The phone. Answering it. Calling some one. Just hearing it ring. It's the WORST.
    The best invention? TEXTING. Hands down.
  5. Literally trying anything new.
    New restaurant? Store I've never visited? New workout? All terrible! But, I am getting better at doing these things, anyway.! It doesn't get easier, but I know I have to do things, even if it sometimes makes me so nervous/anxious I vomit. Winning, I guess? 😒
  6. Asking people I don't know, questions.
    I know questions are good. I love when someone asks me a question. Still, it's a struggle for me to be the one with a question. It just is.
  7. People like to tell me: Worrying about things doesn't help! You can't control everything! Let go and let God!
    "No shit? Thank you! I've had an epiphany. I'm all cured! I can't believe I've never thought of it that way!" 🖕