Since birth
  1. That I live in best country on earth.
    Without question. Never. Question. Our. Greatness.
  2. That only in this country is it possible that freedom, prosperity, and happiness are available for everyone, regardless of class or race or sex.
  3. That standing, placing my hand over my heart and reciting the pledge of allegiance is how I prove my Loyalty
  4. That any criticism of my country is anti-American.
    I am an enemy if I don't fall in line.
  5. That the government although imperfect, has enough checks and balances to keep me safe.
  6. That we are infallible.
  7. That my country cannot fall or fail.
    We are infallible.
  8. That I am one of the lucky ones.
    So lucky to be born here in this place where I'm free?
  9. That I should fall to my knees and give thanks that I had the dumb luck to be born here.