Current Crushes: Election Season Edition

There isn't much I love more than a good election season! These are the people who are making this election fun for me!
  1. Ana Navarro
    This lovely Republican HATES Trump and it's beautiful. She is smart, funny, and takes no shit.
  2. Bakari Sellers
    If he would just sit across from me, while I look at his ridiculously white teeth, and tell me all about how Hillary is going to destroy Trump in the debates, I'd be happy.
  3. Jake Tapper
    I love his "oh really?" face.
  4. David Gergen
    I would like for him, in his soft spoken, I know what I'm talking about voice, to tell me all about the election every night as I drift off to sleep.
  5. John Oliver
    Anxiously awaiting his show's return in a couple of weeks where he's sure to deliver more devastating blows to Drumpf.
  6. Stephen Colbert
    I never thought I would be happy he traded in his over the top persona for The Late Show. But his smart funny commentary has more than made up for it!
  7. Dan Rather
    I've always loved Dan Rather! Fun fact: We share the same Alma Mater! His commentaries on Facebook are so eloquent and thoughtful. I'm happy people are paying attention to him again.
  8. Nate Silver
    He makes statistics fun!
  9. Anderson Cooper
    Oh Anderson, you will always have my heart, even if I think you've been gentler with Trump than you would a baby. 😒 I still have high hopes for the debate you are moderating! Don't let me down!