*Warning* if you voted for Trump, this isn't what you want to hear.
  1. You didn't win. You won the electoral college but more than half of America thinks you're awful
    You lost the popular vote by a lot. A whole lot. You are the minority.
  2. My friends are genuinely afraid. Really afraid for their lives. Stop with your "I lived 8 years under Obama"
    Really? 8 year of Obama was that bad? You got healthcare, a recovering economy, a chance to keep terrorists at bay. And at least you knew you'd fucking live!
  3. My 8 year old is more "American" than most of you
    His Hispanic daddy fought in Iraq. His grandfather and great grandfather, great great grandfather and his great great great grandfathers on my side served in every American war since the Revolution
  4. And you think you are more American than my son?
    Fuck you.
  5. My son, who before Trump even won, came home telling me he wished he wasn't brown.
    Fuck you.
  6. You think you are more American than the people who gave up everything to come here for a better life?
    Fuck you. You know nothing. Ignorance is a privilege and you have abused it.
  7. You think you are more American than the descendants of slaves?
    Those slaves built this country. Read a Goddamn history book.
  8. You said hateful, racist, sexist things against my First Family for 8 years!
    And I played the nice respectful liberal the whole time. Look where it got me.
  9. Fuck you. Seriously, I don't fucking care. I'm done.
  10. Fuck you, I won't concede nicely.
  11. I am angry.
  12. I am terrified.
  13. My voice shakes, but I will still speak.
  14. You will not win.