Famous singers people make fun of that I love with no shame

  1. Darius Rucker
    Hootie and The Blowfish put out Cracked Rearview the year I moved from Charleston, SC to Utah. This cd was a lifeline to a lost 15 year old southerner who was very homesick. I will forever love this guy for it. I listen to every album he releases. I don't want to hear anything bad about him. He is an angel.
  2. Neil Diamond
    Man is a national treasure. How dare you roll your eyes at Sweet Caroline!
  3. Garth Brooks
    Yeah his music is kinda cheesy but it's also damn catchy. Also he seems like a genuinely good person. Nothing but love for Garth!
  4. Michael Buble‘
    Listen to his Christmas album and don't feel cheery! I dare you!
  5. Jon Bon Jovi
    Even people who love 80s hair bands hate on this dude, or maybe that's just my husband. But either way, I love him.