Food my parents fed me that I would never give to my own kids

It was the 80s in the South. Every time I feel bad about what my kids eat, I think about all processed crap I ate and survived.
  1. Pear salad
    Canned pear half, filled with mayo, sprinkled with Cheese, served on bed of iceberg lettuce.
  2. Vienna sausages, saltine crackers and can of coke
    This was a perfectly acceptable lunch.
  3. Baloney and cheese on white bread with lays chips and can of Coke
  4. Chop suey
    We ate this so much for dinner. Probably once a week. Guess my mom was trying her hand at international cooking.
  5. Margarine
    I was allergic to milk products so I don't even know how much margarine I ate, but it could help explain my cholesterol problems now.
  6. Pea salad
    Canned peas, cheddar cheese and mayo
  7. Cold hot dog right out of the fridge, sliced and served with a side of ketchup
    Made a great snack!
  8. Spaghetti sauce made with Lipton onion soup mix
    Canned tomato sauce with 2 packets of the soup mix. It was very good, but the sodium content makes me shudder 😖
  9. Sweet tea
    Which I still love but I don't add 2 1/2 cups of sugar to a pitcher like my mom did.
  10. Coca Cola
    Unlimited amounts. In the summer, I could easily drink 4-6 a day