Foods I wish I could eat right now

Because I just went back to my heathy, I want to live to see my children have children diet, so I want all the terrible things
  1. Fried shrimp
  2. Chicken wings
  3. Fried catfish
  4. French onion soup
  5. Beef Wellington
  6. Prime rib
  7. Baby back ribs
  8. Bacon
  9. Migas
  10. Eggs Benedict
  11. Fried oysters
  12. Raw oysters
  13. Onion rings
  14. Cheeseburgers
  15. Nachos
  16. Chili cheese fries
  17. Fish and chips
    With lots and lots of vinager
  18. Queso
  19. Beef fajitas
  20. Tortillas
  21. Fried chicken
  22. Fried porkchops and white rice with pan gravy