My son is almost 8 and he just got into joke telling and it has made my life 100% better
  1. G: Knock knock! Me: Who's there? G: Interrupting cow.
    Me: Interrupting cow —- G: MOO!!!
  2. G: Momma, spell icup Me: I C U P
    G: hahaha!!!! I see you pee!!! Hahaha! You said I see you pee!
  3. G: momma, spell app Me: A P P
    G: hahahaha!!!! You said "a Pee pee!" Hahaha!!!
  4. Also he's really into fart noises and burp noises
    Never not funny.
  5. And words like butt and poop and hearing cuss words in regular words
    G: mom said a bad word!!! Hahaha! Me: what word? G: you said damaged. You know, dammmmaged. Hahahaha!