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    So I was super excited to find out @hannah_rachel was my person! Why you ask?
    Because I didn't know she existed! I got to discover a new person, who's been here for a long time and I didn't know her! Yay!
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    And can I just say I love what I see! I had so much fun exploring your lists, Hannah! 💞
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    She is a Christian, body positive, feminist! 🙌
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    Really loving your brand of femininity!
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    Girls helping girls! Yes! 👏👏👏
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    Body positive feminism! 💞
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    This is one of my favorites! I am a woman, and I have—
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    She's in college studying to be a Spanish teacher! How amazing is that? I can already tell she is going to be awesome!
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    She is an introvert and avid reader of books! 🙌😃
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    She is a Christian, on the left! ✊️
    Hannah, this is my favorite bible verse. 💙 It is what I always share with people who think I can't be a Christian and a liberal.
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    Hannah has a strong group of female friends and that is just beautiful!
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    This is one of my very favorite poems! And so needed right now! 💞
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    So now that I've stalked you for a couple of weeks, I can follow you in the open and go back and "like" all the lists I've read! 😃
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    Happy Galentine's Day Hannah! 💘