I have had continuous anxiety and periods of major depression since I can remember. I've come to terms with the fact that it's never going to leave, so this is how I deal.
  1. I run almost everyday
    At least 3 miles. The more anxious I feel, the longer I run. It is the best treatment for my anxiety. No exaggeration, running saved my life.
  2. I eat carbs!
    Good carbs. Whole grains mostly. Carbs make you feel good. There are studies about how low carb diets increase anxiety and depression.
  3. I also eat a ton of fruit and vegetables
    Very little meat in my diet for a lot of reasons. But I've found I feel better mentally when I mostly eat plants.
  4. I eat fat
    Healthy fat. Avocados, nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, vegetable oils
  5. I spend time outside as much as I can
    Camping, hiking, any length of time away from stuff, helps
  6. Coloring books!
    I can't meditate without doing something with my hands.
  7. I go to church
    The ritualism of the Eucharist is calming and comforting.
  8. Supplements
    I don't know if they really help, but I've read that probiotics and turmeric have shown some promise. So I take them along with my antidepressant every morning.
  9. Reading
    Escapism works and there is nothing wrong with it if used in moderation.
  10. Music
    It can calm and lift my mood quickly.
  11. Give voice to my anxieties
    Saying them out loud to someone takes away some of its power.
  12. Li.st of course!
    Reading lists and writing them!