1. I always wore my hair short before I was a mom, it was kind of my thing.
    I keep it long now because both my boys unconsciously run their fingers through my hair when they cuddle up to me.
  2. I was an extreme introvert and now not so much.
    My first born is the friendliest, most outgoing person I've ever known. I had to become more outgoing because he is. It sucked at first but I don't mind it so much now.
  3. I love noise now (sometimes)
    I grew up an only child in a very quiet house. I was not prepared for the amount of noise 2 boys can make. But now? I love it. It means they are happy and healthy and loving life. It's beautiful
  4. I go to church now
    I needed a community for my boys. I also needed them to know that God didn't have to be scary. I grew up terrified of God and church. My parents were Southern Baptist. My kids are free to believe in God or not, but I at least want their experience with church to be a positive one.
  5. I'm nicer to people
    I want my boys to be kind people. I have to practice what I preach.
  6. I don't speak negatively about my body or other people's bodies.
    People come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. It would be boring if we were all the same and all "perfect". Thats what I tell my boys.
  7. I'm much more concerned with gun violence, climate change, racism, and lgbtq acceptance
    These have always been areas of concern for me, but much more so now, because I want to create a world, my boys are free to be themselves, without fear of violence or condemnation. Everyone deserves that, my kids included.