1. Someone laughs at my joke.
    A real laugh, not the polite kind.
  2. I teach my kid something new.
    Colors? Numbers? ABC's? Why we vote Democrat? Yep I'm responsible for that!
  3. My kid does something kind for someone.
    This is the best. It's like I've won motherhood! Until 5 seconds later when my toddler does something like eat his booger.🙄
  4. I make intelligent conversation with an adult.
    "Hi, I read newspapers and books and oh yes I did hear about that! I know all the things that are interesting and important!" (Doesn't happen often. I'm super awkward most of the time)
  5. I finish a run
    I feel invincible when I end strong! I mean, I only run 11 minute miles. But still, as someone who never ran a full mile before I was 33, I THINK I'm a badass if I run an hour straight without stopping. 😁
  6. When I know all the words to a song. And sing along with out missing a word.
    I feel extra pleased if it's a Bob Dylan or Van Morrison song 🤗 Literally no one else will ever be impressed by this. But it makes me happy. Maybe one day this skill? will come in handy.
  7. My house is super clean
    I literally want to invite everyone I know to come over and marvel at the wonder. I have two boys and I am not the type to constantly clean. So it's maybe 2-4 times a year this happens.
  8. I eat a healthy meal after I've salivated over something terrible for me.
    Steak? A cheese burger? Nah, I'm good with my tempeh and stir fried veggies 😅