1. When my seven year old cracks a joke
    Watching my kid develop his own unique sense of humor is just the best.
  2. That first sip of coffee in the morning
  3. A great run
    They don't happen every time, but man, when they do, I'm flying.
  4. Cooking
    Creating a meal from fresh, good ingredients. It is art. It is science.
  5. The middle of a really good, thick book.
    I'm deep into the story, but don't have to worry about it ending yet.
  6. That first cool morning of late summer/early fall.
    It's a bit sad, and bittersweet. It makes me nostalgic and grateful.
  7. Road trips
    It really is the best way to see the country
  8. When I'm with my people.
    The ones I don't have to try hard for. Doesn't matter if I'm a mess, my house is a mess and I have nothing to say. They are my people and they love me.
  9. When I hear a favorite song.
    And I know all the words and sing along.
  10. When my backyard is full of my kids and their friends
    When my boys can just be boys and be loud and crazy and fully themselves.
  11. A concert
    When it's everyone's favorite band, and I can feel the energy of the crowd, and everyone is singing and dancing and just being a human. It's beautiful.
  12. A full movie theater.
    We're all in it together