I'm so old that

I'm super late to this game...you know, like how old people are always late to whatever cool thing is happening.
  1. This theme song still scares me
  2. 2 Live Crew was the worst thing that ever happened to music, according to all suburban parents everywhere.
    But they played their "Banned in the USA" song at the skating rink and it made me feel cool.
  3. Gameboys were seriously cutting edge when I was a kid
    I was lucky enough to have one, but remember the horror of not having enough light to play.
  4. I took a how to use the Internet class my senior year of high school
    We had a huge book (much like a telephone book) we had to look through to find web sites to type into the computer.
  5. I had to use actual maps to plan and execute a trip with my friends after my senior year of high school
    We took a 2 week road trip with only physical maps. We didn't even have a cell phone for emergencies!
  6. MTV had videos
    And I would watch for my favorite videos. And wait anxiously for world premiers!