1. No means no.
    Stop tickling. Stop touching. Stop wrestling. Just stop if you hear the word no. Consent is everything.
  2. You shouldn't say shut up, I hate you, or call your friends/peers mean names.
  3. Be kind.
    Unless someone is picking on you or someone else. If that's the case, get mean. If someone hits you, defend yourself. You might get in trouble at school but you won't at home.
  4. Never hit first
  5. Tell an adult if someone is getting hurt and you can't stop it.
  6. Always call me if you need a ride. You'll never get in trouble if you call.
  7. Open doors for everyone
  8. Say please and thank you
  9. Apologize when you are wrong
  10. Stand with those who are alone
  11. Move your body everyday
  12. Laugh at your expense, but no one else's
  13. Be kind to animals
  14. Be extra nice to wait staff, cashiers, and everyone else in the service industry.
  15. Life without music is just existing.
  16. History- the full heartbreaking, horrific, beautiful story.
  17. Feminist isn't a bad word
  18. Sadness, boredom, anger, despair, and apathy happen to us all at one point or another and that's ok.
  19. Signs of depression and what to do if it happens.
  20. Vote Democrat! ✊️