Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. Falling hopelessly in love with every dog and cat you come across
  2. Awkwardness
  3. You find yourself trying to hide your tears during movies. Even the happy ones. Especially the happy ones.
  4. Get so lost in stories, the line between make believe and real gets blurry
  5. You have an almost unbearable love for people with no idea how to relate to most of them
  6. You develop an extreme aversion to small talk
  7. You unexpectedly find yourself thinking Bob Dylan is probably the greatest poet, entertainer, musician of any generation
  8. You find a way to sneak in something about Bob Dylan in almost every list you write
  9. You find yourself dancing in the kitchen. Badly.
  10. You cannot possibly function without at least 3 cups of coffee a morning
  11. Become easily lost, even in a town you've lived half of your life
  12. You have a weird desire, to use, commas, all the time, even when, they are not, needed
  13. You find you're suddenly a proud Southerner who is simultaneously horrified by many other Southerners.
  14. You begin eating a container of hummus a day
  15. You find yourself feeling more connected to people on than you do to your family and friends on Facebook