Inspired by @lexie_elyse the true originator of this.
  1. Strawberries
    I live for strawberry season. The inside of my mouth is raw. 🤗
  2. Saint Arnold Spring Bock
  3. Ed Sheeren's new album
    I don't care, he's adorable.
  4. My new Honda Odyssey
    Because if you're going to be a middle aged mom, you might as well go all the way 💁🏻
  5. Santa Clarita Diet
    Hilarious! I'm not really a Drew Barrymore fan, but she is perfect in this!
  6. All The Light We Cannot See: A Novel
    Ok actually not all that into it yet, but @karlalucia says it's worth the read, so I'm in it until the end.
  7. Popcorn with Cholula hot sauce and nutritional yeast flakes
    Because I've gone full vegan for Lent and this snack is saving me.
  8. Iron Fist
  9. From A Room: Volume I