It's date night!

And this is our exciting plan
  1. Go eat at our favorite local restaurant
    We should go somewhere fancy, but the food wouldn't be as good. Plus it's hot and I want to wear shorts.
  2. Then, go to the mall and buy swimsuits for our upcoming trip
    Because who doesn't want to try on swimsuits after eating a big meal and drinking a couple of beers?
  3. Next up, Toys R Us to shop for our youngest's birthday present
    When else will we have time to go together?
  4. And last but certainly not least: we have to go buy a pooper scooper because ours just broke and we're having a barbecue for the 4th.
    And it's so much easier to run into petsmart without the kids. We may even spurge and buy our dog a new toy!
  5. And this is how I know I'm old: I'm totally looking forward to all this 😂🙈💃🏻