1. You are my people!
    All of you. The ones I follow, the ones I don't. The ones who don't follow me, the few who do. This is where you've all been hiding!
  2. Hands down, best social media platform ever.
  3. This is the perfect place to showcase everyone's weirdness, uniqueness, talents, interests, humor, pain, sadness, love...You know, the stuff that matters.
  4. I think I like that none of my real life friends have discovered this yet.
    Or if they have they are keeping to themselves, like me!
  5. People are endlessly fascinating
    Ok, I already knew this, but this is just further confirmation. Everyone has something to say. Everyone deserves to be heard.
  6. I want to give humanity a big 'ol hug!
    Seriously as messed up as we all are, we are full of a lot of good. This app seems to "mostly" bring out the best in people. And that is so refreshing! Facebook these days seems to do the opposite.
  7. Li.st has me writing again.
    I stopped writing anything except grocery lists for a long time. I'm pretty rusty but I am writing and it feels like home.