My life had been made better by:
  1. Bullet journals
    Mine isn't nearly as pretty, but it helps me so much!
  2. Having children
  3. Meeting my husband
    Don't even want to think about what my life would be without him.
  4. Hearing Bob Dylan for the first time at age 14
    Bob has saved my life more times than I want to count. Music is magic.
  5. Coloring books
    Meditation for people who can't meditate!
  6. Running
    It is my lifeline
  7. Wellbutrin and before that, Prozac
    I'd be dead otherwise. Not an exaggeration.
  8. Dogs and cats
    Again with the life saving.
  9. Camping
  10. The Episcopal church
    We're all broken. And that's ok. God loves us and we are already forgiven.
  11. Eeyore
    During a particularly bad time, at least 15 years ago, I saw an eeyore sticker on the back of a car. And it suddenly hit me. You know how eeyore's house always gets destroyed? What does he do? He just rebuilds his house again. No matter how hopeless it seems or how likely it is that his house will fall back down, he rebuilds. And that was what I had to do too. I had to rebuild my life, even if it would just fall apart again. It's just what you do. It saved me that day and continues to.
    I can't believe I've only been here since May. I owe this app and you all so much💕