And this shouldn't matter. It doesn't matter, except people sometimes assume they are not because they look so different from each other.
  1. This is them.
    They are both pretty damn adorable, in my humble opinion😍
  2. My husband is Hispanic. And I'm white.
  3. Gabriel, my oldest is the spitting image of his daddy.
    He's really into Superman poses right now.
  4. Dylan, the baby, is blond haired and fair skinned.
    He's really into whatever his brother's doing.
  5. I hate it when people mention how different they look from each other.
    Fun fact: when my husband's father met Dylan for the first time, he made a "joke" that he wasn't my husband's child. 😡
  6. Because I hear the question in their comments
    "They both belong to us", I want to scream! "Genetics! It's pretty amazing what combinations come up, with every new life! Open a science book!"
  7. And I worry that my kids will mind the questions.
    They don't notice yet, but they will one day.
  8. Because the thing is, even if they weren't biological brothers, they'd still be brothers. That's all that matters. And it isn't anyone's business anyway.
    And I hate that I sometimes feel like I should have to have a reason, they look so different.
  9. And I wonder about how they will be treated.
    One son is obviously Hispanic and my youngest isn't obviously Hispanic. Will people treat them differently?
  10. I mean, I'm white. I've never been discriminated against because of the color of my skin.
    Will one of my sons face this and one won't?
  11. But mostly I worry about how they will see themselves and each other.
    Will they have issues with their identities? Will Dylan mind that he is lighter than both his brother and father?
  12. Anyway, they are both perfect and are both exactly how they should be.
    And that's what really matters.
  13. They are brothers
    Obviously. 💙💙