I have never felt feminine, but I think I was only thinking of feminine from society's perspective. These things are what makes me feel like me, so that's feminine because I'm female, right? Inspired by @chrisfon and @Heartsounds
  1. Femininity for me is very much tied to being a mother and wife
    It wasn't always though
  2. I like makeup
    It makes me feel good
  3. I feel most attractive with my hair short
  4. I have a large leg tattoo and I feel good when I wear shorts
  5. Rarely dresses
  6. Almost never heels
  7. I feel most myself in jeans, button up long sleeve shirts and boots
  8. My rounded, stretch marked belly makes me feel strong because it reminds me, I grew my babies.
  9. I don't wear much jewelry now. 2 silver bracelets I never remove is all. When I was younger I wore rings and earrings almost daily.
  10. Intense exercise makes me feel strong and happy
  11. Cooking for people makes me happy