My favorite healthy-ish comfort foods

When I want something filling and comforting without going all bacon cheeseburger crazy!
  1. Fried tofu and white rice with hoisin sauce
    I don't eat white rice very often so it always feels like a special occasion when I do. (I know, I live life on the edge)
  2. Vegan black bean chili with saltine crackers
    The saltine crackers make the meal! Lots of them crushed up in the chili!
  3. Marinara Sauce and whole wheat pasta
    The key for me is I add in lots of mushrooms and chunky onions. Much more filling and it makes it much more interesting to eat.
  4. Bean burrito with chopped avocado and salsa
    I can't find a picture similar to what I make. But I microwave a frozen vegan bean burrito, cover it will a whole chopped avocado and lots of salsa.
  5. Oven baked French fries with hot sauce and ketchup
  6. Banana chocolate smoothies
    Frozen banana, 1 tablespoon good cocoa powder, maybe a little protein powder and almond milk. Even my picky boys love these!
  7. Hummus and triscuits and cut up vegetables
    I could eat an entire container of hummus every day and it still wouldn't be enough!