1. I am pro police
    Like really, really pro police. I have to be.
  2. But I support the BLM movement
  3. I think that the black lives matter movement is necessary and important.
    Black men and boys should not be murdered by police officers. Period.
  4. And that they absolutely, without a doubt, have the right to peacefully protest
    Of course. OF COURSE.
  5. But I'm married to a cop
    And 5 cops in Dallas were murdered. Several other police officers around the country have also been shot these last couple of days
  6. And I'm terrified of the protests because they may draw the crazy people out.
    Who could kill my husband. I'm sorry, but I'm scared and being honest.
  7. I know what being a police officer's wife is like
    what's it's like to wait up for your husband and to watch news reports, if he's late and isn't answering your texts...
  8. I don't have a clue what it's like being a person of color
    But I can imagine how terrified I would be if my sons were black. I have no doubt.
  9. And as I write this...literally in the time I started this list.
    Someone started firing on HPD officers. My husband's agency.
  10. I'm trying so hard to continue to believe in the best of humanity
    That we will overcome. Surely, we will overcome?
  11. But I am feeling pretty hopeless tonight.
    And I don't know what to do.