My Most Prized Possessions

There are actually very few physical things I would be heart broken to lose. This isn't knocking other people who have lots of things that they love! Not at all! I just don't. Never have. But here are the possessions I love the most and would be sad to lose. Inspired by @annie_teee
  1. My son's preschool class made this for me. I was the room mom. His school led me to my church and to my community. This is a reminder of where it started.
  2. Just one of my favorite books that I've held onto. I got rid of most of my books several years ago and I regret it so much! This book is a reminder that holding onto things that make you happy is not bad!
    Now I'm searching thrift stores and used book stores to rebuild my library! Which is actually a lot of fun for maybe purging was a good thing after all.
  3. My son made this, this past summer and I just love it.
  4. It's silly but it makes me happy to see it every time I leave or come home
  5. One of my favorite poems. Simply typed and framed
  6. My grandmother made this years ago. She gave it to me right before she died
    It's tacky and silly...a bit like she was and I love it.
  7. I found this years ago on the beach. It was just sitting there by itself, half buried in the sand, like it was waiting for me to come by and pick it up.
    The piece of concrete in the back ground is a "rock" my son insisted wasn't concrete. So it's displayed, of course!
  8. I never take these two bracelets off. (Hair elastic not included)
    The smaller one, I bought for myself when I was 18 in my favorite city, Santa Fe New Mexico. The other one my husband gave me on our 1st Christmas together.
  9. My dad's bible from when he was a child and his father's bible
    Yes we already have pumpkins out! My boys are pumpkin crazy! 😬