1. See wolves in Yellowstone
    I've been obsessed with wolves since I was a kid. I was last in Yellowstone in '97, right when they began reintroducing them. I can't wait to take my boys and see wild wolves with my own eyes!
  2. Run a marathon
    Hoping to check this off in March.
  3. Visit Scotland with my best friend from Scotland
    Waiting until my boys are big enough to enjoy and remember it!
  4. Complete an ironman
    Long shot. I'll see how I do with a marathon first😁
  5. See a whale in the wild
  6. Hike the Appalachian Trail
    All of it. I'm ok doing it in sections and not all at one time.
  7. Publish something
    Poem, short story, essay, just something
  8. Road trip through Canada
  9. Octoberfest in Germany
  10. Visit Spain
  11. Finish scrapbooks for my boys
    I'm the worst at this😕