Full disclosure
  1. First let me say I'm a HUGE Hillary Clinton fan! I'm am so excited that she is this close to The White House!
  2. SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. She is going to be great for this country. I just know it.
  4. I also love Bill Clinton. A lot. I always have. He's one of the best politicians of our time or any time.
  5. I could listen to his speeches for hours.
  6. But.
  7. But, I'm bothered by his history with women.
  8. I don't think it's as bad as Trump's history.
  9. But there are some things that can't be explained away...
  10. Like Monica. Yes she was a willing participant. But she was a 21 year old intern.
  11. It makes me think of cops who commit official oppression
    Official Oppression is when cops abuse their power and have sex with women while on duty. With women who may not have consented if the dude wasn't a cop, and on duty, and didn't have power over them. A cop who could make their lives very difficult if they didn't do what he wanted.
  12. And there are other women. And not just the ones he's admitted to having affairs with...
  13. Women accusing him of assault.
  14. And maybe they are lying.
  15. But maybe they aren't?
  16. I think of Obama. As much as the Right hates him, have they produced one woman who accuses Barack of anything inappropriate?
  17. Its not going to change my vote.
    I'm not voting for him anyway.
  18. But still it bothers me.