1. My former best friend: We met in 5th grade and were incredibly close until 3 years ago.
    She had an unhealthy attachment to me. I had to be a constant source of support for her. She made a lot of bad choices and had a very limited support system. I couldn't devote enough time or energy to her unending problems. Maybe it sounds harsh, but I just couldn't let her continue to use me anymore. She drained my energy that I needed for my family. I hope she's well but I don't ever want to have contact again.
  2. My ex-husband: We were only married one year before I asked for a divorce but we were together 6 years.
    He was and I'm sure still is a really great guy. He's remarried and so am I. I wish him the very best. We didn't have kids so there just wasn't any reason to stay in touch. We tried to for awhile but I don't think his current wife appreciated it. One day he just stopped contacting me. If he ever reached out I would respond, but I don't think he will.
  3. My first boyfriend: He was incredibly emotionally and mentally abusive. He was very cruel at the end. But he was my whole world. I had no one else. He'd kept me from forming any meaningful relationships while we were together.
    We were only together for 1 1/2 years. It took me years to recover. And once I'd finally recovered, he contacted me and stalked me for awhile. It was so bizarre. The last time he tried to contact me, I was married and had a baby. I ignored him and he hasn't tried again since.
  4. The guy who pressured me to have sex, then died 2 weeks later
    So many weird feelings around this.
  5. Christy: We had been pretty good friends, lost touch and hadn't seen each other in a few years. She saw me in Toys r Us one day. (She was pregnant and I had a baby) She called me Sarah.
    Sarah was our mutual friend who cheated with her husband. Did Christy think I was the Sarah who had cheated? Another Sarah? I was so taken aback, I just quickly ended the conversation and left.
  6. Diana: She and I met when an organization I work with, was helping her out. She's a single mother of a sweet boy with severe allergies. The dad had abandoned them both and moved back to Nigeria.
    We bonded. But lost touch when she lost her cell number. I can't find her on Facebook either. Last I heard she moved back to Puerto Rico to live with her mom. I hope her and her sweet boy are ok.