Because my life has had more good than bad and I've been shaped by the good things too and I mostly left them out of my first list and that feels wrong
  1. Because I gave birth to my second child without pain medication (not planned) And that is the standard by which I now measure what I can handle
  2. Because I've always had a dog
  3. Because my mom let me read whatever I wanted
  4. Because I had opportunities to go backpacking as a preteen
  5. Because I met him and immediately felt like I'd known him forever
  6. Because I grew up going to the beach every week
  7. Because I swam with manatees when I was 8
  8. Because I lost 50lbs when I was 22
  9. Because I fell in love with Santa Fe when I was 18
  10. Because I have 2 close friends who I can call at 3 am and they would answer
  11. Because music
  12. Because I found a medication that works
  13. Because I studied what I wanted in college
  14. Because I surprised myself by being a good mom
  15. Because I discovered and all of you lovely people 💕